Achieve the GOAT Mindset Program
Mental Healthletics™ Presents:

An individualized and comprehensive mental health framework which focuses on: optimizing performance enhancement, identifying preventive interventions, and masters the management and maintenance of mental health conditions for collegiate, professional, Olympian and retired athletes.


Currently, there is no published comprehensive framework or model of care to support and respond to the mental health risks and needs of elite athletes.

“Mental health is an integral dimension of elite athlete wellbeing and performance and cannot be separated from physical health. Mental health assessment and management in elite athletes should be as commonplace and accessible as their other medical care; ideally elite athletes should have access to the best interdisciplinary care.” 

~International Olympic Committee consensus statement (2019)

Mental Healthletics™ has the answer.
Established by double-board certified child & adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Dawn Kamilah Brown, Mental Healthletics™ provides elite athletes with a proprietary framework that recognizes the impact of general and athlete-specific risk factors and engages key individuals that may identify and promote athlete mental health. The GOAT Mindset is the only program in the nation: across all professional sporting organizations, there is not a single established support framework that addresses athletes’ mental health, despite a clear need. 
“Achieve the winning edge with a GOAT Mindset with Mental Healthletics™”
Achieve the
GOAT Mindset™ Program

For a limited time, I’m offering ELITE ATHLETES (collegiate, professional, Olympian and retired) a complimentary 90-minute comprehensive mental health assessment and proposal, that outlines a specific plan for achieving a GOAT Mindset™ that will give them the winning edge in their sport!!!

After you say,”YES!” (Believe me, I know you will!) you will be a part of The GOAT Mindset™ Elite and will receive Direct, Unlimited Access to Dr. Dawn, whenever you need it for the discounted price of $5,000 per month (minimum 3 months commitment.)

You will also get Dr. Dawn's 7 key components to achieve the winning edge:

Achieving the Winning Edge:
Nurturing the GOAT Mindset
  • Dreams and attitudes
  • Understanding the brain, making simple routines, staying positive
  • Managing emotions and thoughts
Achieving the Winning Edge:
Setting Effective Goals
  • Determining your goals
  • Making goals specific, challenging and include deadlines
  • Keeping Track of your progress
Achieving the Winning Edge: Maintaining Motivation
  • Transforming desire into will
  • How to stay in the now and be in the process
  • Keeping motivation pure
Achieving the Winning Edge:
Building Confidence
  • Acceptance and Faith conquer fear
  • Building confidence to win
  • Performing under pressure
The Mental Toolkit for Success
  • Mastering the Art of Focus
  • Seeing is believing: Why imagery is important
  • How self-talk can help not harm
  • Managing your schedule
  • Addressing substance use and abuse
Staying competitive
  • Building mental routines to improve performance
  • Handing pressure
  • Managing Energy Levels
  • Handing Adversity
Improving Team Performance
  • Communicating as a team
  • Athletes as leaders
  • Developing teamwork

Plus, you’ll receive:

5 BONUSES: The Power of Tens Playbook
Bonus #1 Ten ways to optimize your mind while competing
Bonus #2 Ten ways to be a better competitor
Bonus #3 Ten ways to optimally, manage stress
Bonus #4 Ten ways to manage injury recovery and pain control
Bonus #5 Ten ways to build and maintain your supportive team

There are so many ways The GOAT Mindset Elite program is designed to make your mindset optimal, effective and confident so your best competitor becomes you and no one else. 

Click the button below and get ready to receive the ONLY program for professional athletes that is curated for you to successfully, achieve a GOAT Mindset™ that will give you the winning edge!


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